At NovaTek, we believe that your business is unique, and that you know far better than we (or anyone) else how to run it.

Therefore, our job is to make our software fit the way you do business, not have your business fit our software!

Although we have over 200 differnt configuration settings and options in the program, there still may be something that does not work exactly as you'd like it to. As such, unlike most other companies, we offer customization services.

That is, we will modify Alteris to fit YOUR needs. Custom work we've done ranges from very simple form changes, to custom reports, to changing the way a feature works, to adding whole new features.

Customization is only available on Alteris BMS. We charge $50 for a firm quote on proposed custom work. If the custom work is ordered within 30 days of the quote, the $50 is credited to you.



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